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Capt. John's Crabsnares

Are you tired of packing bulky crabpots or crabrings when you go crabbing?  Try crabbing with the fishing gear you already own!  Capt. John's Crabsnares
are easy to use, fit in your tackle box or glove box and can be used by almost anyone who wants to go crabbing.  They can be used from the shore, the dock or a jetty or from a boat!  They come in three sizes, small, for light fishing gear, medium, for heavier fishing gear and large, for hand line or heavy gear.  Simple to use easy to clean and store.  If you can use a fishing pole you can go crabbing!
Be sure check out our recipe page for after you reeled in your prize. 

Using your crabsnare couldn't be easier.  Just attach your line to the top loop and pin or tie your bait in the center and cast out.  If your in light currents set you loops loose and if in heavy currents set your loops over loop locks.  Once you feel the crabs bitting at your bait pull up like your setting the hook and reel in dinner!

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Small crabsnare. $13.95

Medium Crabsnare $15.95

Large Carbsnare $17.95


The use of snares is illegal in British Columbia and the state of Louisiana


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